Saturday, May 19, 2012

South Grand Lake BBQ Cookoff

(Langley, OK) - Three and a half hours each way to get to this set of ballfields up the hill from the Pensacola Dam. That'd be the New Deal Era dam that is over a mile across and the first hydroelectric project in the state of Oklahoma. The dam that is responsible for Grand Lake O'The Cherokees. The very first feather in the cap of the perpetually crooked Grand River Dam Authority. 

It is here that we came upon the South Grand Lake Lions Club BBQ Cookoff.

Tip of the cap to the organizers for a great event with some top-notch teams. Short three judges so several had to pull double duty as table captains/judges -- they didn't seem to mind. 

A lot of familiar faces here and the guy who is the voice on the CD for judges and table captains meetings was there. Turns out he is a CBJ and was even called up to administer the oath prior to judging. Good to know it is one of us on that CD.

It was a pleasant day for a cookoff with a nice breeze bordering on wind that we couldn't really feel in the tent which was enclosed on all 4 sides except for the opening that served as the door. 

Congratulations to Caveman Cuisine for their Grand Champion effort as well as to Hardway BBQ for RGC. Big ups again to Butcher who always put in a solid effort as well as to Sizzlin' Bones and Tornadic BBQ -- two teams that consist of good folks we are as likely to see in the judging tent as in a cook space.

Other notes:

  • The Oklahoma KCBS Judges website is so popular it is going national. Webmaster Brett has also put together a Facebook page -- a pat on the back to him for such a good job on this useful site (Brett also cooks for Tornadic).
  • Norman's Smokin' Up a Storm competition in July benefiting the Regional Foodbank of Oklahoma is actively recruiting teams. They've got around 20 but are hoping for as many as 50 teams and as an incentive is touting the air conditioned cooks lounge and cooks-only running water restroom facilities. It is a great cause and should be a great competition.
  • Judging was conducted with the old  KCBS scorecards -- pretty cool. "Wh. Animal" must have been for past contests using whole hog and what have you ("everything from the rooter to the tooter").
Notice all of the categories -- as opposed to just 5 and Other ____
  • Security was brought in from Disney. It's a long way, sure, but only the best.
A Mickey Mouse department?

The teams set up in a verdant baseball field uphill from the dam
Next week it is on to Edmond, Oklahoma and after that a visit to sample the highly-touted brisket at Franklin BBQ in Austin. Many trusted palates have proclaimed it the best brisket in the world. The pics would seem to bear that out -- stay tuned and we will post some of our own along with our thoughts on this highly sought after meat.


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