Saturday, May 26, 2012

Rhythm Q's & Blues Contest in Edmond

(Edmond, OK) - This was the second annual meaning we have judged the entire run of this particular contest. From the looks of things there has been considerable growth going back to its humble beginnings lo so many year... um... months ago. More teams, more cars, more vendors, more music and best of all more visitors strolling through the green and cool Hafer Park. 

Managed to get pulled over while parked!

I can't really offer enough compliments to the wife & husband team that organizes this contest and I think it shows in the teams that show up. And in the judges that want to. The lines of communication are open and it is a great time. The whole day ran smooth as silk (shout out to reps Michael "Long Cold" Winter and Larry "Edmond -- You're On The Air!" King for that) and the food was -- well it was a crapshoot. 

There were a few first timers cooking so it seemed at our table we got great chicken and ribs and the pork and brisket were hit-or-miss. Heard it was vice-versa at other tables. Butcher took another Grand Championship here today and a tip of the cap to them and to 4 Legs Up BBQ for the Reserve. Great food from these teams and a bunch of others.

Just before that one tipped over with someone inside!

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