Thursday, January 31, 2013

Review - Sooner Legends in Norman

(Norman, OK) - When we offer reviews on this blog they are most often reviews of barbecue places. Sure, there's the occasional place we think you should know about that serves other types of food, but this is all about the 'cue. Which should make Sooner Legends ineligible. Because their food is nothing special and, despite what the menu would have you believe, they don't serve barbecue.

Yes, it's right there on the menu. It even looks kind of like barbecue. But I'd wager a considerable sum that the meat served as barbecue in this place never sees the inside of a smoker. I'd go so far as to say I highly doubt there is a smoker on the premises -- and if there is it is not used. The only smoke this meat sees is a little liquid smoke in the pan used to roast it.

We sampled the two meat plate. It leans pricey at $14.99 but the portions are generous and it comes with three sides. For our two we picked brisket and pulled pork. The brisket fell apart at the touch of the fork -- some of the tenderest and moistest roast beef we've had in awhile. The pork roast wasn't near as tender and didn't taste as good but it was still good enough that we ate it all. But there was no smoke flavor at all in any of it. Which is a bit confusing after reading the legend of Sooner Legends on the menu:

"Since we started out in 1999 as Bob's BBQ much has changed over the years, but one thing has always remained the same...great food! We pride ourselves on the serving the best homemade food with fresh local quality ingredients."

We took this to mean that there was some legendary 'cue coming our way. What we should  have taken it to mean is that "much has changed" -- including the cooking methods. It isn't "great" food but it is good. The fries were a bit overdone but still purportedly "fresh cut" which we love (cheese fries count as two sides) and the mac'n'chee was runny but okay. Wait. Actually the Buffalo Won Tons on the appetizer menu are pretty great -- if only there was more of the chicken/cheese/sauce mixture in there they'd be Legendary.

I suppose the Mexican items might be good and they might serve a darn good burger -- but in the end it is a real disappointment for someone seeking a good plate of barbecue.


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