Saturday, June 16, 2012

Chandler Hog Wild BBQ and Chrome Fest

(Chandler, OK) - Something about this contest is just right. Sure there are lots of flies on account of the proximity of water treatment facilities. Sure its hot on account of judging being held in a pavilion in mid-June. But it's still a great contest run by some really great folks in a great Oklahoma town.

It would appear they are growing this whole festival in a proper fashion as the crowd is bigger and the teams are better. Heard a radio commercial for it and it could be that is drawing people in as word gets out. Good  music too with Stoney's brother coming down from just up the road to play it. Lots more chrome this year.

This is the hometown of Butcher BBQ and fresh of a couple of GC wins they didn't compete this year. They did cook, however. Yes they were serving up pork sandwiches with proceeds going to benefit the Chandler Chamber (the beneficiary of this particular event). Other big teams did show up though and Kosmos even pulled a 180 in pork. Very impressive although clearly our table did not have that box.

We did get a box of ribs that were probably a single 8 away from a star pin. Overall there was some fine 'cue today although we noticed that burnt ends were difficult to come by and many of the ribs were sporting membrane. What is that about? It was so tough on one rib that it was difficult to pull any meat off the bone to sample it.

Thumbs up to Kim Evans and the other folks who put on this contest. Communication is never a problem and they are clearly dedicated to improving this event year by year. Tip of the cap, y'all.


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