Monday, April 30, 2012

The Dunces are In Charge

Rejoice! Rejoice all of you who loathe the what you so disdainfully refer to as the Main Steam Media*. This source of information that you believe to be the source of our nation’s problems is slowly dying. The newspapers are all going away. Radio news (hell – radio in general) is on its last legs. TV news has become a replay of the day’s most popular YouTube videos and mixed in with news of pop culture and the British Royal Family. Rejoice – we have almost completed the transition to an Idiocracy (who knew the Mike Judge film by that name was a documentary before its time?)

It used to be we had reporters to ask questions to make sure politicians were accountable. And at least semi-intelligent. Now with nobody to ask the dunces have taken over and are cashing the checks from the 1% while the rest of us are left to bend over and like it.  Don’t believe me – listen to this rocket surgeon. He’s the President Pro Tem of the Oklahoma State Senate. Listen carefully and tell me what the answer has to do with the question. No seriously. Tell me because I must be missing it…

What was that? “Very abundance of natural resources.” Wow. But what do you expect? He’s not even the HNIC – head neocon in charge. This is that person – the Oklahoma Governor lining out goals for 2012 in her State of the State address…

Just outstanding. Makes Rick Perry look like a member of Mensa. There will come a day when you will realize the MSM was NOT your problem. But by then it will be too late. Enjoy your success you bunch of mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging inbred banjo-plucking, tub-thumping IHOP-gorging monkey assholes.

*The Main Stream Media is also known as any outlet that is not Fox News, the Washington Times, Breitbart or World Net Daily. Put another way -- media outlets that just make stuff up like The Onion does except it’s not funny – just sad.

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