Sunday, January 1, 2012

This is happening...

(The Plains) -- I cannot contain my witticisms to Facebook. Non Facebookers are denied the pleasure and Facebookers have to wade through more stuff they don't care about. I'm being facetious (kind of -- I'm not really that witty) but I will do my best.

Subject matter? Whatever I see fit. I will mostly hold forth on barbecue. Reviews and recipes and reminiscences about judging contests here and there. I promise to stay away from politics and religion though -- please do likewise in your comments.

I will warn you in advance though. I keep the Facebook posts PG-13 and under but the Blog will have no such encumbrances or restrictions. I might cuss -- usually I won't. I will pledge to keep the gratuitous cussing to a minimum but in the end they are just words. Furthermore I cannot promise you that I won't post the occasional image that some will probably find offensive.

The bottom line is you keep your sense of humor and I'll try not to put two spaces after a period (which I only learned last week is now considered wrong).

With all of that said -- welcome!


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